Psychoacoustics, Physiology of Hearing, and Auditory Modelling, from the Ear to the Brain
19-24 Jun 2022 Lyon (France)

Manuscripts and posters

Manuscript preparation

For this 2022 edition, we have decided to host the papers as pre-prints on Zenodo and enable comments and reviews through PubPeer. This format should let you publish your data in your favourite journal, but will also be reviewed and citeable.

The articles will also be collated in a single book-like format, and for that purpose, we have prepared Word and LaTeX templates for your manuscript:
Please use the appropriate template and follow the instructions to prepare your submission bundle.
Submissions will be deposited through our website at
Note that the pre-prints will be made available under a Creative Commons 4.0 International Attribution License. If you wish to apply specific restrictions or embargo to your submission, please let us know.


Talks will be 20 min + 5 min questions. The audiovisual equipment includes a VGA and HDMI connector, as well as 3.5 mm Jack connector for sound. We will be providing a computer with PowerPoint, but you are also welcome to use your own machine (just please remember to bring any necessary adaptor). Please come try your talk either the day before your talk, or at the latest during the break preceding your session.

Poster preparation

Posters will be in format A0 (841 x 1188 mm, or 33-1/8 x 46-13/16 in), portrait (vertical). The posters will be presented during a poster session, but will also be on display for the whole duration of the conference.

How to comment on the manuscripts (PubPeer)

PubPeer is an online platform that collects comments about anything that has a DOI, and makes them publicly available. As all the ISH manuscript are (or will be, if embargoed) publicly available on Zenodo, we are asking the ISH attendees to prepare comments on the manuscripts. The authors (or other readers) will then have the opportunity to respond to these comments or to correct their manuscript accordingly. After the conference, the authors will submit the final version of their manuscript. The organisers will then curate the list of comments for each masnucript and include the most relevant ones, and their answer, at the end of the manuscript, as it used to historically be the case in ISH proceedings.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to deposit comments for a specific manuscript:

1. Locate the PubPeer link for a specific article in the Programme (ISH attendees will have received relevant links by email).

2. Let's say that, in our example, we want to add a comment to Bouvier et al. "Auditory salience: A study of the influence of timbre attributes using the additional singleton paradigm", the PubPeer link is

3. Once on PubPeer, Login or Create account. Please use a Signed account rather than an Anonymous account.

Screenshot PubPeer 1 Screenshot PubPeer 2

Then just follow the steps to register.

4. Once your account is created, or once you have managed to login, go back to the manuscript's comment page (you have to refresh for your name to appear in the top-right corner), and enter your comments. If you have multiple comments, please enter them separately, so that the authors can more easily reply. If you have a lot of minor comments (typos, etc.), please group them in a single comment, and make sure to refer to line numbers. Here is an example (from a non-ISH paper) where you can see comments and replies from the authors.

Do not hesitate to email the organisers if you have any question about this process!

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