Psychoacoustics, Physiology of Hearing, and Auditory Modelling, from the Ear to the Brain
19-24 Jun 2022 Lyon (France)


About ISH

The International Symposium on Hearing (ISH) is held every three years (when there is no global pandemic) in Europe since 1969. This interdisciplinary meeting brings together established researchers as well as young talents specializing in psychophysics, physiology and models of hearing. Historically, its aim was to stimulate discussion on the physiological mechanisms underlying auditory perception and provides the basis for a better understanding of auditory function. Modelling approaches complement the experimental studies and serve as a framework for interpreting the results and developing new experimental paradigms. The topics cover fundamental concepts of neural coding and signal processing at various levels along the auditory pathway, consequences for auditory perception in various acoustic environments, as well as implications for behavioural and cognitive aspects of auditory perception ,and compensation strategies for people with hearing impairment. The 2022 meeting is in line with its predecessors, with emphasis on psychoacoustics, physiology of hearing, and auditory modelling, from the ear to the brain.

ISH is a small collegial meeting typically held in a cloistered setting. The program is limited to 50-60 podium presentations of about 20 min. There are no parallel sessions, and participants are expected to attend the majority of the sessions throughout the week. Each presenter also writes a proceeding. For the 2022 edition, the proceedings will be made available in the form of preprints, which will not compromise the future publications of these papers in journals that accept preprints. Each contributing author will be asked to comment on at least two other papers before the meeting. The preprints will be opened to comments from everybody before and after the meeting. A limited number of poster presentations (without proceeding) will also be scheduled.

The total number of participants, including podium speakers, is limited to 120-150 people. Presentations will be selected by the organizing committee on the basis of scientific excellence and topic. Due to the restricted number of participants, we can only accommodate a limited number of authors for each accepted paper to attend the conference.

Previous ISH meetings and proceedings

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ISH 2012
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ISH 2009
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ISH 2006
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ISH 1969
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